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Beijing Confidential

Wassup peeps! Ni hao ma? I’m acutely aware that I’ve yet to post anything since I’ve arrived here in Beijing. I’ve still got a few posts about Hong Kong, but I’m gonna skip ahead a little so you have an idea of what’s going on with me here.

I arrived here last Monday and proceeded to settle into my new home for the next few months. I didn’t meet my flatmate, Russell, until that night, but as with any type of exchange program, there are no shortage of new people to meet, and I’ve had the pleasure of being in the company of 50-odd keen Mandarin students, from all over the globe. Russell is half-French, half-American, we’ve been hanging out with Isaac and Mario, a couple of Mexican-Americans from the whale’s vagina (San Diego for those who haven’t seen Anchorman), and I’ve met people from almost all corners of the globe.

I’ve also been trying to get to know my area, Wudaokou (wu-dow-koh), better by investing in a bike. Lemme tell you, if you think riding a bike in London is hard (and I know there are some of you who think it’s crazy i did it on a regular basis), you obviously haven’t tried riding in Beijing yet. The height of road-related insanity. I hope my mom’s not reading this.

Anyway, the main picture above was taken last night at a Korean BBQ dinner with a few new friends. Left to right, it’s Jason from the Philippines, Katie from Korea, Whitney from Seattle and Alan from New York (missing from the pic are Laura from the Basque country in Spain, Sarah from LA/HK and myself). It was super tasty, but then we concluded last night that almost all Asian foods are really good. Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc.

After dinner, we walked around a bit, trying to figure out what to do and stumbled upon an impromptu street market near the Wudaokou subway station. Amongst the cheap knockoff clothing was a couple who were selling the CUTEST little puppies. Whitney and Sarah were all over that, and threatened to run off with them. I’m not convinced they still won’t do it at some point in the future.

Whitney and Sarah with the cutest puppies ever.

Whitney and Sarah with the cutest puppies ever.