© 2009 Steven Wong

Hong Kong chop-socky wackiness, Part 2

I know you can buy almost anything in Hong Kong. I know that football (er, soccer) is really popular there. I know that my favourite team, Real Madrid, relies on sales of shirts and other merchandise to fund their admittedly obscene transfer policy. I know all these things, and it still didn’t prepare me for the above sight.

Wandering around Sneaker Street in Mong Kok looking for new Adidas Superstars, I came across these Real Madrid-branded shoes (and yes, those are a pair of Chelsea-branded shoes behind). One part of me can’t believe that the club would really sell anything in order to make a buck, because let’s face it, they are fugly. One part of me can’t believe that anyone would actually buy them, which may or may not be true since they’re obviously on sale from $539HKD to $329HKD.

But scariest of all? One part of me actually wanted them.