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Travel liveblog: Mamallapuram and Puducherry

It’s probably a tad intellectually dishonest to call this a liveblog since it’s not really live in any sense other than I’m still on the trip during which these pictures were taken, but I suppose in light of my lack of posting in 2010, it’s more or less the same chronological period.

Anyway, prior to Bhavya and Jitesh’s wedding, a bunch of us old friends from London decided to do a side trip to Mamallapuram and Puducherry, aka Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry, respectively.

There’s not a lot to say about these two places actually… Mamallapuram was really a day trip, we stopped there for lunch and a few hours of sightseeing before heading to Pondy, where we stayed a couple nights. Pondy was nice for a walk around the French quarter, and it’s much nicer during the day than at night when the whole place seems deserted.

If you’re ever in Mamallapuram, I recommend the Blue Elephant restaurant (pretty good seafood) and the Shore Temple, especially in the late afternoon, when the sun is at its golden best. In Puducherry, I’d just walk around the French Quarter, in particular the boardwalk area and then lunch at the courtyard restaurant at Le Dupleix. Very chill.

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